Our Troops - The Samurai

"To be a samurai is to be polite at all times." --Hojo Nagauji
A samurai is guided by Bushido, "way of the warrior", which is a Japanese code of conduct developed during the 11th to 14th centuries.

Bushido expanded and formalized the earlier code of the samurai, and stressed frugality, loyalty, mastery of martial arts, and honor to the death.

Among the virtues associated with Bushido are Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honor and Loyalty.

A samurai was expected to read and write, as well as to know some mathematics. Samurai were expected, though not required, to have interests in other arts such as dancing, Go, literature, poetry, and tea.


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Quote of the day

The Emperor asked Master Gudo, "What happens to a man of enlightenment after death?"
"How should I know?" replied Gudo.
"Because you are a master," answered the Emperor.
"Yes sir," said Gudo, "but not a dead one."