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                                Woody Allen

                         Frequently Asked Questions

                                version 1.19

                        Compiled by BrYan Westbrook
            (please e-mail me with corrections and/or additions)

This document will be posted to the newsgroup once a month. I will
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the Web version over the Usenet.

Upcoming releases:

Everybody Says I Love You will not be released until December, but
Aphrodite arrived at video stores on June 18th and The Sunshine Boys
rumoured to be slated for a November airing on CBS.

                             Index of Questions

Q: Who is Woody Allen?
Q: What Woody Allen Resources are there on the Internet?
Q: What is Woody Allen's e-mail address?
Q: What movies has Woody Allen done?
Q: What about The Sunshine Boys?
Q: What is Woody Allen up to now?
Q: How come I never hear much about Allen's upcoming movies?
Q: What Woody Allen scripts have been published?
Q: Did anybody ever notice how movie "x" imitates a Woody Allen movie?
Q: Didn't some of Woody's earlier movies predict things about the
Q: What books has Woody Allen written?
Q: What plays has Woody Allen written?
Q: What albums has Woody Allen recorded?
Q: What biographies of Woody Allen are there?
Q: Why does Woody Allen keep using the same actors and crew?
Q: Why does Woody Allen never attend the Academy Awards?
Q: Where does Woody play clarinet?
Q: Where does Woody Allen live?
Q: What themes are repeated in Woody's movies?
Q: What movies are shown within Woody's movies?
Q: Where can I find some Woody Allen .wav's?
Q: What is What's New, Pussycat? about?
Q: Does anyone know the poem Michael Caine read to Barbara Hershey in
bookshop (Hannah and Her Sisters) ?
Q: Who is David Greenglass?
Q: Why did Woody have an affair with his daughter?
Q: Would you like to make $10 gazillion dollors per hour sending
spam like this to Usenet newsgroups?
Q: Who made this FAQ possible?

Q: Who is Woody Allen?

A: He was born Allen Stewart Konigsberg in Brooklyn, NY, December 1,
He dropped out (flunked out?) of both New York University and City
of New York. He began his comedic career writing one-liners for gossip
columns at age 15, and during college was a joke writer for Bob Hope.
1961 he finally began performing his own material in Greenwich Village
cafes, and soon moved up to nightclubs and talk shows. He also had a
as a writer/actor on Alan Funt's original Candid Camera. In 1965 he
his first screenplay, What's New, Pussycat? and also acted a
role in the movie. He has two ex-wives: Harlene Rosen (March 25, 1956
1962) and Louise Lasser (February 2, 1966 to 1969) who co-starred in
of his early, funny movies and was best known as tv's Mary Hartman,
Hartman. He dated Diane Keaton prior to writing Annie Hall, and their
romance is the basis for much of the script. Woody has one biological
(Satchel Farrow), an adopted son (Moses Farrow), and adopted daughter
(Dylan Farrow) with ex-lover Mia Farrow. He is currently living with
Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and her second
ex-husband Andre Previn (her first ex-husband was Frank Sinatra who
threatened to beat up Woody over his affair with Soon-Yi).
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Q: What Woody Allen Resources are there on the Internet?

A: There are two Usenet groups: alt.fan.woody-allen and
To subscribe to the Woody Allen mailing list, send the following
message to
subscribe WOODY-L First name Last name
Woody Allen pages:
(mirrored at: http://www.vol.it/mirror/woody/woody.html)
Information on Woody's European jazz tour (in English or Italian):
Additional information on his movies can be found at the Miramax CafÚ:
and in the Internet Movie Database:
as well as the Microsoft« Cinemania« Woody Allen Biography:
The Art of Humor III: Woody Allen interviewed by George Plimpton
audio 560K):
Mighty Aphrodite "Identity & Anonymity"
Miramax's Counter Culture http://www.miramax.com/count_cult.html (This
graphics-intensive and calls for Netscape 2.0 and Java!)
Mighty Aphrodite (a lighter version)
The Woody Allen WAV Archives:
The script for Annie Hall can be found online at:
"The Whore of Mensa" online:
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Q: What is Woody Allen's e-mail address?

A: Although he has "appeared" at least twice on America Online as a
celebrity guest (with someone else typing for him), Mr. Allen does not
any known e-mail address, and is not known to even own a computer. It
said that he still uses the manual typewriter on which he wrote his
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Q: What movies has Woody Allen done?

 1965 What's New, Pussycat? (actor, writer) dir: Clive Donner [Victor
 1966 What's Up, Tiger Lily? (director, host, producer, voice-over
      Casino Royale (actor) dir: John Huston, et al. [Jimmy Bond]

 1969 Don't Drink the Water (writer) dir: Howard Morris
      Take the Money and Run (actor, director, writer) [Virgil
 1971 Bananas (actor, director, co-writer with Mickey Rose) [Fielding

 1972 Play It Again, Sam (actor, writer) dir: Herbert Ross [Allan
      Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid
      Ask (actor, director, writer) [Victor, Fabrizio, the fool,
 1973 Sleeper (actor, director, soundtack composer, co-writer with
      Marshall Brickman) [Miles Monroe]
 1975 Love and Death (actor, director, writer) [Boris Dimitrovich
      The Front (actor) dir: Martin Ritt [Howard Prince]

 1977 Annie Hall (actor, director, co-writer with M. Brickman) [Alvy
      Interiors (director, writer)

 1979 Manhattan (actor, director, co-writer with M. Brickman) {bw}
      Stardust Memories (actor, director, writer) {bw} [Sandy Bates]

      A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (actor, director, writer)

      Zelig (actor, director, writer) [Leonard Zelig]

      Broadway Danny Rose (actor, director, writer) {bw} [Danny Rose]

      The Purple Rose of Cairo (director, writer)

      Hannah and Her Sisters (actor, director, writer) [Mickey]

 1987 Radio Days (narrator, director, writer) {bw}
      September (director, writer) {sepia}
      King Lear (actor) dir: Jean-Luc Godard [Mr. Alien]
      Another Woman (director, writer)

 1989 "Oedipus Wrecks" from New York Stories (actor, director, writer)
      Crimes and Misdemeanors (actor, director, writer) [Cliff Stern]
      Alice (director, writer)

      Scenes from a Mall (actor) dir: Paul Mazursky [Nick]

 1992 Shadows and Fog (actor, director, writer) [Kleinman]
      Husbands and Wives (actor, director, writer) [Gabe Roth]
      Manhattan Murder Mystery (actor,director, writer) [Larry Lipton]

 1994 Bullets Over Broadway (director, co-writer with Douglas McGrath)
      Don't Drink the Water (actor, director, writer) [Walter
      Mighty Aprodite (actor, director, writer) [Lenny]

      Everybody Says I Love You (actor,director, writer)

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Q: What about The Sunshine Boys?

A: Rumours persist that he was involved in a 1995 made for television
remake of Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys. The night this movie was
reportedly scheduled to air in the United States, the network showed a
Barbara Streisand concert. I have heard rumours that this film was
but went straight to video in Australia. According to a recent CBS
release, The Sunshine Boys starring Allen and Peter Falk will air
the November sweeps period.

According to Peter Wels: The re-make of The Sunshine Boys was released
Australia through a video company called Rocvale (I assure you it does
exist). Also stars Peter Falk, Whoopi Goldberg and Sarah Jessica
(also has a couple of other big names in it, but for the moment it
me). Woody Allen's only involvement was acting (Neil Simon wrote the
teleplay). The film itself is pretty terrible... Allen gets off a
couple of
good lines, but Falk is annoying and everyone else doesn't really get
chance to do much...Couple of interesting self-ref lines including
stating that "I don't know anything about making movies" and another
one in
which he says "I don't go to New York all that often"
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Q: What is Woody Allen up to now?

A: According to an official press release from a few months ago:

Woody Allen's highly anticipated fall project is a modern day musical
comedy called Everybody Says I Love You starring (in alphabetical
Alan Alda, Woody Allen, Drew Barrymore, Goldie Hawn, Gaby Hoffman,
Norton, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts and Tim Roth. Alan Alda, who
wanted to do a musical for years, was thrilled when approached about
project by longtime friend and producer Jean Doumanian. Filmed on
in Paris, Venice and New York, Everyone Says I Love You promises to
movie musicals back to popularity.

Recently it has been announced that the film will not be released
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Q: How come I never hear much about Allen's upcoming movies?

A: He is very secretive about his works in progress and is so paranoid
about leaks that the actors and actresses are only allowed to see
their own
pages of the script. (Although there have been alleged leaks from the
of Everybody Says I Love You.)
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Q: What Woody Allen scripts have been published?

A: Annie Hall, Interiors, Manhattan, Stardust Memories (published in a
single volume)
Zelig, Broadway Danny Rose, The Purple Rose of Cairo (single volume)
Hannah and Her Sisters
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Q: Did anybody ever notice how movie "x" imitates a Woody Allen movie?

Recognized Woody imitations:

Moon Over Parador -- Bananas
When Harry Met Sally -- Annie Hall
The Last Action Hero -- The Purple Rose of Cairo (which itself was an
homage to Buster Keaton's Sherlock, Jr.)
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Q: Didn't some of Woody's earlier movies predict things about the

A: In Bananas: J. Edgar Hoover was depicted in drag, a couple decades
before he was "outed" as a transvestite by the press.
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Q: What books has Woody Allen written?

A: Getting Even. 1971, ISBN: 0-030-32795-X
Side Effects
Without Feathers

These are available in a collected edition titled The Complete Prose
Woody Allen, but the plays (which are technically not prose) are
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Q: What plays has Woody Allen written?

A: Don't Drink the Water
Central Park West (no relation to the CBS soap opera of the same name)
Play It Again, Sam
Death (the loose basis for Shadows and Fog)
Death Knocks
Don't Drink the Water
The Floating Lightbulb
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Q: What albums has Woody Allen recorded?

A: The only stand-up album available in the USA is:
[Image]Woody Allen: Standup Comic, Casablanca Records, 826 241-4
Available in Europe is:
Woody Allen: The Nightclub Years (1964-1968), EMI, CDP 7 93969 2, 0777
93968 2 5, UK: CDECC 31, LC 0542 (compact disk)
Available (exlusively?) at Michael's Pub ($30):
The New York Jazz Ensemble: The Bunk Project (jazz band recording)
Master Jazz 0-1612-65098-2


Woody Allen Classics, Sony Masterworks, SK 53549.
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Q: What biographies of Woody Allen are there?

A: Altman, Mark. Woody Allen Encyclopedia. Pioneer Books(199), ISBN
Benayoun, Robert. Woody Allen.
Benayoun, Robert. Woody Allen : Beyond Words.
Bendazzi, G. The Films of Woody Allen. Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri Spa
1984-1987, ISBN 1-85304-000-2
Bj÷rkman, Stig. Woody Allen on Woody Allen. Faber and Faber, 1994,
571 173349
Blake, Richard. Woody Allen, Profane and Sacred.
Brode, Douglas. Woody Allen : His Films and Career. ISBN:
Carroll, Tim. Woody and His Women. Little, Brown and Company, 1993.
de Navacelle, Thierry. Woody Allen on Location. Sidgwick & Jackson,
ISBN 0-283-99493-2
Fuchs, Wolfgang. Die Vielen Gesichter des Woody Allen. Taschen Verlag
ISBN 3-8228-0028-7
Girgus, Sam B. The Films of Woody Allen. Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0-521-38999-2
Groteke, Kristi and Marjorie Rosen. Mia & Woody: Love and Betrayal.
York: New York Carroll & Graf Publishers, 1994. ISBN: 078670066
He Said/She Said Comics: The Woody Allen Story/The Mia Farrow Story.
Publisher: First Ammendment Comics
Hirsch, Foster. Love, Sex, Death, and the Meaning of Life: Woody
Comedy. McGraw-Hill, New York, 1981. ISBN: 0-07-029054-7
I Dream of Woody (Collects reports from a bunch of fans on actual
they have had.)
Jacobs, Diane. ...But We Need The Eggs: The Magic Of Woody Allen. St.
Martin's Press 1982, ISBN 0-312-10998-9
Lax, Eric. On Being Funny: Woody Allen and Comedy.
Lax, Eric. Woody Allen: A Biography. Vintage Books, 1992. ISBN
McCann, Graham. Woody Allen: New Yorker. ISBN: 0-7456-0890-6
McKnight, Gerald. Woody Allen: Joking Aside. ISBN: 0-491-02767-2
Murphy, Diana (ed). Woody Allen at Work: The Photographs of Brian
Harry M. Abrams, Inc., Publishers: New York, 1995. ISBN 0-8109-1957-5
Palmer, Miles. Woody Allen an Illustrated Biography. Proteus 1980,
Pogel, Nancy. Woody Allen.
Rosenblum, Ralph and Robert Karen. When the Shooting Stops...the
Sinyard, Neil. The Films of Woody Allen.
[Image]Spignesi, Stephen J. The Woody Allen Companion. Universal Press
Syndicate Company 1992, ISBN 0-8362-8002-4
Sunshine, Linda. Illustrated Woody Allen Reader. Knopf, New York,
ISBN: 0-679-42072-X
Wernblad, Annette. Brooklyn Is Not Expanding: Woody Allen's Comic
New Jersey: Associated University Presses, 1992.
Yacowar, Maurice. Loser Take All. The Comic Art of Woody Allen.
Publishing, new expanded edition 1991. ISBN 1-85710-001-8
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Q: Why does Woody Allen keep using the same actors and crew?

A: Woody's actors and crew are very loyal to him (they like working
the best), and he to them. With the probable exception of Mia Farrow,
only actress to ever publically state she would not work with him
again is
Meryl Streep. Tony Randall has said he would accept a walk-on part as
waiter to be in another Allen movie.

Here is what Meryl Streep had to say about her experience:

"I don't think Woody Allen even remembers me. I went to see Manhattan
and I
felt like I wasn't even in it. I was pleased with the film because I
pretty in it and I thought it was entertaining. But I only worked on
film for three days and I didn't get to know Woody. Who gets to know
He's very much of a womanizer; very self-involved. On a certain level,
film offends me because it's about all these people whose sole concern
discussing their emotional states or their neuroses. It's sad because
has the potential to be America's Chekhov. But instead, he's still
up in the jet-set crowd type of life, trivializing his talent."

She was also upset that she was only given the portions of the script
contained her part (standard operating procedure on a security
Woody Allen set).
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Q: Why does Woody Allen never attend the Academy Awards?

A: Mr. Allen is deeply private and not a "joiner." Every year the
invites him to join, and every year he respectfully declines. He plays
clarinet every Monday night when not shooting a movie, so he always
has a
prior commitment.
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Q: Where does Woody play clarinet?

A: Michael's Pub
Monday nights at 9 pm - first set only (and only when his filming or
schedule allow)
address: 119 West 56th Street between 6th and 7th ave, New York City
phone: 758-2273
cover charge: $25 + 2 drink minimum
name of band: The Eddie Davis (Orchestra?)

It is believed that he started this practice to avoid attending the
Awards which are always held on Monday nights. Reports from the
say that Woody's playing is competent.

From Michael's Pub:
First of all, Michael's Pub is now located inside the Parker Meridien
at 119 West 56th Street between 6th and 7th ave in NYC (albeit
temporarily). The charge for Monday nights is currently $25.00 plus a
drink minimum (an increase in the music charge is planned). Dinner is
longer required. I would like to address the issue of Mr. allen's
involvement in the pub's operation. Mr. Allen never has nor are
taking place which would give him any ownership of the operation. He
is not
paid for his appearance and the Pub in no way guarantees his
appearance. He
has been appearing regularly for over 25 years. As for the
snobbishness of
the older gentleman at the door, you have to realized we receive over
calls a week to reserve for the show. Our current capacity is a little
117 ( Standing room included ). It is for Mr. Allen's protection that
complete parties are seated and that late comers may be refused
I have been familiar with the operation at the Pub for going on five
and I have heard almost every excuse for people to get in to see Mr.
If people feel they are treated curtly at the Pub it is only because
of the
actions of other customers over the years. EG: It is plainly posted no
photos allowed, but not a Monday goes by without flashes popping, or
rushing on to the stage for a never given autograph. If people were
respectful of the rules, maybe the club would be a little less
P.S. (A twenty dollar tip descretely given prior to entrance will get
party of two in without a reservation on Monday's, $50 for a party of
PPS: Yea, It does come down to Money like all things else.
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Q: Where does Woody Allen live?

A: 930 5th Avenue, New York, NY
(As far as I know this information is public knowledge, so please no
about me jeopardizing Mr. Allen's security.)
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Q: What themes are repeated in Woody's movies?

A: Characters obsessed with death, the JFK assasination, and Ingmar
Also, the theme of illusion (manifested in things like magic, the
supernatural, movies, memories, mystical healers like Mr Yang in
versus "reality" is something he likes to use often.
He often talks directly to the camera.
Frequently plays movie directors.
Usually gives his characters short names because they're quicker to
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Q: What movies are shown within Woody's movies?

A: Annie Hall: The Sorrow and the Pity
Crimes and Misdemeanors: Happy Go Lucky, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Last
Gangster, Francis, This Gun for Hire
Hannah and Her Sisters: Duck Soup
Manhattan Murder Mystery: Double Indemnity, The Lady from Shanghai
Play It Again Sam: Casablanca
The Purple Rose of Cairo: the fictitious The Purple Rose of Cairo, Top
Radio Days: Intermezzo
Zelig: the fictitious The Changing Man (which has a tongue-in-cheek
of its own in Jame's Monaco's The Connsoisseur's Guide to the Movies)
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Q: Where can I find some Woody Allen .wav's?

A: There are some on Anders Herman Torp's homepage (see address
above), but
if you are looking for something that is not available there, all you
is a soundcard (the files want do you any good anyway if you don't
one), a battery powered tape recorder, a connector cord
jack on both ends), and a recording program. There are very simple
to do this. A lot of computers come with a program called Sound
If you don't have that one (I'm assuming you're using an IBM (or
clone) and
not a MAC), go to http://www.shareware.com and download Sonic
Once you've got the program set up, record the sound you want to
sample on
a cassette tape, plug one end of the cord into the headphone jack of
tape recorder and the other into the "line in" jack of your soundcard
to where the speakers plug in). Just play the tape and hit the record
button on the program. If you are using Windows 95, you will need to
on that little speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen and
the settings for recording levels (I don't remember the exact settings
this time, but you should be able to figure it out).

BTW, the appropriate newsgroup for posting such files is
alt.binaries.sounds.movies and not here (but please leave an
here if you do post any Woody Allen wav's). The place to post pictures
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Q: What is What's New, Pussycat? about?

A: The producer, Charles Feldman, gave Woody the instruction to "write
something where we can all go to Paris and chase girls." Warren Beatty
originally supposed to star in the film (the title was his standard
greeting to any attractive female) but dropped out before filming. The
went to Peter O'Toole.
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Q: Does anyone know the poem Michael Caine read to Barbara Hershey in
bookshop (Hannah and Her Sisters) ?

A: The poem is by E. E. Cummings, and according to his practice has no
formal title. It can be found by its first line: "somewhere i have
travelled, gladly beyond"
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Q: Who is David Greenglass?

A: " 'I love him like a brother - David Greenglass', Cliff answers,
using a
phrase that was a favourite of New York liberals in the 1950s.
was the brother of Ethel Rosenberg, who with her husband, Julius, was
executed in 1953 for passing U.S. atomic secrets to the Russians.
Greenglass, who supplied them with the information, turned prosecution
witness and got off with fifteen years in prison."
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Q: Why did Woody have an affair with his daughter?

A: First off, Soon-Yi Previn was not his daughter!!! She is the
daughter of Mia Farrow (whom Woody never married) and conductor Andre
Previn. Mia has for a long time collected children as a hobby. Why
had an affair with the adopted daughter of his girlfriend is a matter
between the three of them and has no direct relevence on the worth of
artistic output.
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Q: Would you like to make $10 gazillion dollors per hour sending
spam like this to Usenet newsgroups?

A: No thank you. I've already invested all my savings in Arizona beach
property. You may think you're being smart and getting the jump on all
suckers by posting this garbage on the net, but it's been done before
(about a hundred times a day actually), and all the suckers have
been fleeced. I've been receiving this stupid pyramid schemes through
Snail for years. Sit down for a minute and figure out the size to
which one
of these things would grow in a year. Now compare that figure with the
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paying or just start their name at the top of the list. Now do you see
you haven't struck it rich yet? Now get out of this newsgroup and stay
or you'll be receiving this entire FAQ everytime you spam here.
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Thanks to the following people for their help with this FAQ (I started
section late, so all you people who I'm leaving out please e-mail me
so I
can add your names to the list):

an521436@anon.penet.fi, The Automanipulator
(varney.13@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu), Florence Bavinck
(florence@obs-us.com), Gary Bielo (gbielo@prairienet.org),
blankcnvs@aol.com, Edward Champion (edchamp@sfsu.edu), Egoman
(egoman@pacificnet.net), Jonathan Galkin
Carol Goodson (cgoodson@westga.edu), Jaenet Guggenheim
(Jaenetg@worldnet.att.net), Andrew Hall (ahall@teleport.com), Rob
(robh@imdb.com), lisrael (address unknown), Martin Klarlund
(mrk@datashopper.dk), Mike Koopmann (mkoopman@chat.carleton.ca),
Liberge (Valerie.Liberge@efrei.fr), Mark (MARKAS@odyssee.net),
Petten˛ (gpet@gpnet.it), Alessandro Tommasi (tommasi@cli.di.unipi),
Herman Torp (torp@idt.unit.no), Rebecca Wan (art21212@leonis.nus.sg),
Von Ward (sundance@sirius.com), Peter Wels pwels1@webmedia.com.au

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